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So many brides ask me the following question, is the ceremony worth it at the end? With putting so much money, and time on your wedding, I bet you are wondering the same thing too. In fact I bet that you and your future husband are continuously revising and re-calculating how much money and time should go on to your ceremony. Many of you think of it as only one day, actually to be exact as only a few hours.

I answer the following question by asking my customers to think of their ceremony not as the most important day of their life, but as a day that will represent the beginning of unity, love and sacred marriage. I ask them to think of it as a day that will start as a ceremony celebration and continue towards the rest of their life as husband and wife. Then I ask them if it is important for them to honor it, and most importantly instill it in their memories forever.

Wedding Ceremony

A Wedding ceremony does not have to necessarily cost a lot. The most important first step is for the bride and groom to set down their priorities. In here a lot of compromise must happen. The groom must keep in mind the degree of importance a wedding ceremony is for every woman and the bride must keep in mind the budget and time constraint that comes with it. I always tell my customers that you will never regret any decision that complies with your priorities, expectations and budget.

When planning your wedding ceremony always think of all options that are out there. One mistake wedding planners do is not offer their customers many choices, thus create pressure on the couple. Always do lots of research, meet with many planners, and ask lots of questions. Do not limit your mind to one idea or person, even if it is the idea that you have always dreamed of; remember to always keep an open mind. Most importantly, stick to your budget, so many wedding vendors are going to try to convince you that you can stretch your wedding budget just a little bit for them. Do not follow their advice, what ever you do against your natural will, will make you regret your wedding ceremony in the future.

Marriage Ceremony

I always advice my clients to treat their marriage ceremony as a united event, in other words I recommend that they should reflect both of their taste and desires in it. Keep on reading for ideas on how you could include your groom's taste in your marriage ceremony, such as include the colors of his favorite football team.